Nesting Balls

Today I have created a bird nesting ball. I found this craft on Pinterest and I based it off of the nesting balls described on Beneath the Rowan Tree.


First I went through my crafting supplies and looked for some scraps.

I was able to find:

  •  yarn
  • different kinds of string
  • scraps of paper
  • and I had just brushed my cat, so lots of cat hair

I didn’t really have any wire, so I twisted 4 pipe cleaners into a beach ball shape.


Then I stuffed the items I had found into the middle of the pipe cleaners. Then I used ribbon to tie the finished product outside.





I hope it is strong enough for the birds to move it around without the ball falling! 🙂


Crafts to do in my Spare Time(like I have any haha)

I love to make things and want to try some new DIY crafts, so where did I look?

Pinterest of course! It has several awesome ideas. I made a board about the crafts I would like to try and will post my experience with the projects and a picture of the final product. 🙂

Click here for the link. Right here